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A Tour of the Story Catalog

Explore this elegant listing of ARCHIVOS Story Settings created and made public by our Professional-Level Subscribers.

Creating a New Story Setting

The first step to building a story in ARCHIVOS is to create the Story Setting, the journal in which you will document the people, places, and events of your tale.

Adding a New Story Element

Story Elements represent the individual threads in the tapestry of your story. People, places, organizations, events, cultures… document them in ARCHIVOS.

Defining Element Relationships

While a story may be comprised of individual elements, it’s how they interact that drives a story forward. ARCHIVOS allows you to define those connections so you can see the patterns of association within your story.

Adding a Map

Every story takes place somewhere… so, of course, ARCHIVOS is going to allow you to upload as many maps as you need and then pin locations and events to them (because how cool is THAT?!?) 😉

Understanding “Private Sharing”

If you don’t want to share your setting with the entire world, the Private Sharing* feature allows you to share it with just the people you want.

[NOTE: While the “Private Sharing” is exclusive to Professional Subscribers,
anyone can be invited to view a setting]

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