ARCHIVOS Announces Lower Pricing, Discounts, and Gift Subscriptions


Big news for ARCHIVOS users and fans as we roll into the holidays… we’re going to save you money AND help you finish your holiday shopping! WOOOO!

Lower Pricing for PERSONAL Subscribers

Effective immediately, all monthly subscribers at the Personal level will only be charged $4/month! Which is fabulous… but wait, there’s MORE!

Extended Subscriptions

In addition to monthly subscriptions, we’re now offering 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions! Not only do these multi-month subscriptions mean fewer charges to your credit card, but they also have substantial savings for the dedicated ARCHIVOS-ian!

ARCHIVOS subscribers can get in on these savings by selecting “SETTINGS” under the user menu and clicking the”Change Subscription” button.

New users… just sign up for the TOTALLY FREE Basic Account and then upgrade to whatever level you need for youre storytelling style.

But wait… there’s MORE!


We KNOW you have storytellers on your shopping list… why not give them a gift that will change the way they see their stories?

With ARCHIVOS Gift Subscriptions, you get the same deep discounts with multi-month subscriptions PLUS the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped inspire someone’s writerly endeavors!

You can even schedule the notification of their gift so it arrives on “The Big Day”.

It’s the perfect way to round out your holiday shopping and give the gift that will keep giving long after the holiday.


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